Young new rapper releases first major project with ‘Purple Hearted Lion’


CHINO HILLS, CA – The lion is the king of the jungle. It represents strength and power, and when you’re growing up on the streets, that’s a reputation that you always want to present. For Daijon Davis, who grew up on

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Inspiring Female Rapper Bloody Mary Releases Hot, New Single “Side Bitches”


LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s always refreshing when an artist utilizes their platform for the betterment of society. New Jersey-based rapper Bloody Mary has set out to do just that, through spreading positivity and encouragement for those who closely listen

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Jamaica Native and Rapper Silv Tha Don Soon to Release “Lost in the Streets”


MT. VERNON, NY – Silv Tha Don has always been an avid fan of the musical arts. As he was growing up, he would listen to all types of genres, in which he became heavily influenced. Utilizing this influence as

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Philly-based rapper Fuge encourages fans to move past mistakes and on toward success with new single ‘Move On


PHILADELPHIA, PA – While “Move On” is the name of the most recent single from Philadelphia-based rapper Fuge, it’s also so much more than a title. In fact, it’s the mission statement by which Fuge lives. Coming from a life on

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Alabama-based musician embraces unique identity, encourages fans to explore new ideas


ROANOKE, AL – When people see YBMrDoItAll on stage, they don’t know what to make of him … and he loves it! Standing on stage with dreadlocks and a guitar at a hip-hop concert always seems to throw his fans off,

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CDK Vybez brings international fame to U.S. audience with new album ‘FREPALE’


LAS VEGAS, NV – Chrishaun Evans-Fowler – better known as CDK Vybez – is a third-generation musician who has taken the international stage by storm and who is ready to expand into the U.S. in big ways. Born into a musically gifted

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Milwaukee-Based Hip-Hop Artist Pauly V to Release Visual Mixtape this Fall


LOS ANGELES, CA – For hip-hop artist Pauly V, music has always been a part of every fiber in his being. The artist grew up in the rough streets of Milwaukee, where he remembers how the odds were against him.

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Pharaoh sends out notice to the world that he has arrived and is ready to dominate the rap scene


FAYETEVILLE, N.C. – By the time Pharaoh was 9 years old, he had already developed a strong love for music. He remembers growing up in the projects with his cousin, using a scrounged-up tape recorder to record themselves as they sat

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Detroit rapper overcomes personal loss to recreate hip-hop career


DETROIT, MI – After the summer of 2016, OG Blizz faced one of those defining moments that every artists faces. He’d already released two mixtapes to modest success, and was prepared to take his music to the next level. As a

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Talented Singer and Songwriter Mike Masch Releases Jazz-Hop Album “Sanguine on Amplified Boulevard”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Music has always come easy to Mike Masch, a producer, singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The artist got an early start in his career, at the young age of five years old. Growing up,

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