Las Vegas Singer Alena Irubor Promotes Change in the World through Upcoming Album


LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s rare that someone so young can change the world by their voice alone. Alena Irubor is a star on the rise, and plans to make a lasting impression on the world with her music. The

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Nate Wavy sets positive vibe with new EP ‘Voices’

nate wavy 1

BROOKLYN, NY – In certain circles, “Wavy” is a slang term for always being high. And while this is something that was once true of professional recording artist Nate Wavy, the word is actually more descriptive of his unique sound

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D.Hill adopts new moniker SC King™ as he attempts to put home state on the map

sc king flex

AIKEN, S.C. – In SC King™D.Hill’s opinion, South Carolina has an absence of mainstream musicians. It’s in need of a flagship artist. And it’s his mission to fill that void. It’s his goal to be the South Carolina King. Already dubbed

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Hip-Hop Artist Legare Releases First EP in Honor of Late Friend


LOS ANGELES, CA – Sometimes a pivotal moment in one’s life can redirect the entire path. For hip-hop artist Legare, this doesn’t stray far from the truth. Over a year ago, his dear friend passed away after taking his own

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The Force infuses strength gained from past tragedies into upcoming EP ‘On My Way’

JF The force

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 19, 2007 … not only is that the title of the final song on J.F. The Force’s new EP “On My Way,” it’s also the date his parents and older brother died in a car

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Smooth-voiced Doo Wop brings ‘Balance’ to the music scene with new EP

doo wop

WHITE PLAINS, NY – Everything in life is balance. That’s the life motto of New York-based R&B artist Anthony “Doo Wop” Johnson. And it’s the focal point of his newest EP that dropped on Nov. 10 and is appropriately called, “Balance.”

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Jump!n Juma blends ambient sounds with metalcore to create unique new genre

Jumpin Juma

DETROIT, MI – To say that Juma Muqaribu’s life has been tumultuous is a bit of an understatement. His parents split soon after he was born, and he and his mother moved around a lot. His father died when he was

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Don Rio Releases New Album “The Blue Hunnitz LP”

don rio 1

LOS ANGELES, CA – Don Rio has been hustling in his music career all along the east coast. A New York native, Don Rio began pursuing music professionally around four years ago. After starting out as a hype man for

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Small-town Louisiana native climbs ‘Out of the Mud’ toward success with new album

Tez 1

MONROE, LA – LaQuintin Martez Jones – AKA Tez – remembers vividly the first time he started falling in love with music. Growing up he had an older brother who would set up his computer in the front room of their

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Seattle Rapper and Producer Tarii Releases Full Mixtape Titled “Deep Sea”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Tarii may call Seattle home, but he might as well say the same for the recording studio. The talented rapper came upon his love for music like it was fate. He soon found himself surrounded by

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