These music business contracts are only provided as a starting point for your project – and nothing can replace the advice of a good entertainment business lawyer. That being said, feel free to download and print the contracts

Free Music Business Contracts
[html] [doc] [pdf] Foreign Agency Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright Assignment Publisher To Songwriter
[html] [doc] [pdf] Subpublishing Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Agreement of Foreign Agency
[html] [doc] [pdf] Publisher Royalty Sharing Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Royalty Agreement Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Contract III
[html] [doc] [pdf] Publisher Record Company Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Event Sponsorship Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright Assignment II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artist Tech Rider
[html] [doc] [pdf] TV/Movie/Film Synchronization License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Union Booking Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Joint Venture Contract Publisher Rec Co Distributor
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artist Master Producer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Event Sponsorship Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Exclusive Songwriter Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artist Producer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Agency Booking Agreement
[html] [doc] [pdf] Mechanical Rights License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Production/Distribution/Promotion Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Payment Obligation Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Master Track License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Talent Release Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Talent Record Company Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Master Use Rcording License
[html] [doc] [pdf] International Marketing Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Promotional Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Booking Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Personal Management Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Merchandise Licensing Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Songwriters Contract III
[html] [doc] [pdf] Publisher Royalty Sharing Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Technical Advisor And Consultant Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Record Codistributer Policy Statement
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright License And Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright Assignment
[html] [doc] [pdf] Songwriters Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Broadcast Release
[html] [doc] [pdf] Agreement Of Obligation To Pay
[html] [doc] [pdf] Production Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Manufacturing Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Commercial Music Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Production Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright Assignment Short Form
[html] [doc] [pdf] Producer Royalties Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Mechanical License II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artists Management Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Personal Management Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Talent Release Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Exclusive Songwriters Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Merchandise License Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Royalty Agreement Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Master Recording License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Publishing Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artist Management Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Contract Artist
[html] [doc] [pdf] Receipt For Masters Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Company Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Producer/Manager Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Record Company Producer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Royalty Agreement Contract III
[html] [doc] [pdf] Performance Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Broadcast Recording Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Distribution Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Studio Charges Time Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Joint Venture Contract Publsiher Producer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Royalty Payment Schedule
[html] [doc] [pdf] Broad Rights License
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Contract IV
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artists Management Contract III
[html] [doc] [pdf] Single Song Option Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Songwriters Contract I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Vocalist Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Producers Assistant Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Personal Management Contract III
[html] [doc] [pdf] Photographer Contracttiffany
[html] [doc] [pdf] Receipt For Masters Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Photographer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Exclusive Agent Musician Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Video Release Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Sound And Light Contracting Agreement
[html] [doc] [pdf] Publicity Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Mechanical License I
[html] [doc] [pdf] Copyright Assignment Publisher To Publisher
[html] [doc] [pdf] Recording Company Contract II
[html] [doc] [pdf] Artist Recording Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] International Marketing Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Film Synchronization Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Producer/Composer Contract
[html] [doc] [pdf] Producer Talent Contract
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